I first became acquainted with pastor, author & theologian Brad Jersak several years ago through his writings.  Someone recommended his book Her Gates Will Never Be Shut to me.  I got the book and read it and was positively impressed. Although I did not agree with all his conclusions, he opened areas of theological study which I had never delved deeply into.  Brad has an interesting history.  He is a Canadian who grew up in a fundamental Baptist environment.  He married a Mennonite girl and spent more than 15 years ministering in that tradition.  He ministered in the Toronto area for several years and then founded a church in British Colombia. More recently he has developed close relationship with the Orthodox Church.  He earned a Ph.D. in New Testament from Bangor University in Wales.  His accomplishments are broad and varied.  As scholar he has a pastor’s heart desiring that believers experience God’s reality as opposed to simply having a cognitive knowledge of Him and is deeply rooted in the historic faith of the Church.

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